POKER:Mon Playing Cards

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Made with Quality

Luck of Kings Playing Cards are designed for the connoisseur player. Made from 300gsm card, the plastic-coated cards epitomise durability while the linen textured finish provides a premium tactile experience. No matter which way your game goes, you can bet on Luck of Kings. The cards also come in a stylish branded tuck box - making them a perfect gift.


300gsm Card Stock, Plastic Coating, Air Pockets Texture


Poker Size Cards (2.5" x 3.5")

Box Contents

54 Playing Cards

Total Original Card Designs

16 (including back design)

Tuck Box

Classic Luck of Kings Tuck Box

Year Created


I challange you to a Poker:Monster duel!

Duel it out with the new POKER:Monster Deck! I created this deck in 2024 with a bit of new advice that a friend of mine gave me in regards to colouring.

Safe to say - I think this is the most vibrant deck that I've made yet!

This deck is my FAVOURITE to play with! I have used shapes to help make playing games easier - making all the number cards in a circle design, picture cards in a rectangle, and the jokers in a oval and a diamond. In my opinion - this makes it the easiest deck to register while playing >:)

I have also redesigned the symbols to look like differ POKER:Monster capture balls - just to get an extra bit of detail in there.




Gotta play them all.

Made for play or display.

Made to Play

Made with high quality 300gsm Card stock with a plastic coating - to bring a taste of luxury to your next games night.

Designed in Melbourne

All designs are illustrated by hand in Melbourne, Australia (by me <3)

Ready for Play

Comes with 54 Poker Sized Cards (including 2 Jokers), and a Luck of Kings Tuck Box

my mum told me to tell you that we have bundle deals

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